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About Us / Who We Are

Nestled in the heart of Amersfoort, Indian Accent is your gateway to an authentic Indian culinary journey. With a menu that caters to various palates, we take pride in offering an array of delectable dishes steeped in traditional flavors. Each plate serves as a canvas where we paint a rich tapestry of spices and textures.

Our staff’s commitment to service adds a touch of warmth, ensuring you feel at home. Accompanied by historical Punjab paintings that grace our walls, we offer you not just a meal, but an experience.


Our Core Values

At Indian Accent, our core values are built on a foundation of quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. We meticulously source high-grade ingredients to deliver an experience that delights the senses. Our team operates on the principles of integrity and transparency, committed to upholding the rich culinary traditions of India.

By placing a high value on customer feedback, we continually refine our offerings and services. Beyond food, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere that respects diversity and promotes inclusivity. Our values serve as the backbone for every decision we make.

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Why People Love Our Food?

The secret to why people love dining at Indian Accent lies in our perfect blend of traditional flavors and modern flair. Our culinary team puts heart and soul into each dish, elevating classic Indian recipes with contemporary twists.

The result is a medley of mouthwatering options, from tandoor appetizers to intricate curries and delightful desserts. High-quality ingredients are our starting point, but it’s the expertise and care invested in each culinary creation that makes our food unforgettable. Your taste buds are in for a treat, every single time.

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